Little Village Regifting Scheme – Nadi Baby
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Little Village Regifting Scheme


A gift from one family to another.


Once your Nadi items have come to the end of their use for you and your little one, and you love the idea of another little one being able to enjoy them, you can send us your items and we will work with Little Village to regift them to families in need. In return for your kindness, you will receive 10% off your next order.


If you would like to get involved, please email us, with details of what and how many items you would like to regift. We will respond with information about your return including a postage label.


Once we have received your items, we will send you details on your next order discount.


As these are gifts for families and little ones , we ask that items are returned in a condition that you yourself would be happy receiving.


Being a small business, we are only able to accept items purchased from Nadi. If you have additional items you would like to donate, or to find out more about the amazing work Little Village do, please visit their website: