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Our Brands

We have partnered up with amazing award winning brands that share our ethos in quality and sustainability by producing products that are kind to out little ones and kind to our environment. We have hand picked and tested each of these brands and believe they are the bees knees!
About:  Fabelab is a playful organic Scandinavian brand that believes in creating high quality, innovative and responsibly made products for a cosy and creative home. From their Copenhagen studio, products are designed to encourage curiosity and imagination. 
Behind the brand:  Michaela, the founder and lead designer of Fabelab is an Austrian architect living and working in Copenhagen.   Michaela has embraced Scandinavian design principles, taking inspiration from the stories of people around her, her background as an architect and stage designer, and her two young girls who continuously push for imaginative and purposeful playthings.

Organic Zoo

About:  Combining playful designs and natural materials, Organic Zoo offers a collection of beautiful and timeless pieces for your little one.  Using only organic cotton, the collection has a range of clothing essentials for babies and children up to age 3.

Behind the brand: Paulina started a project that aimed to create a product made in an ethical way and promotes positive cultural change. 
Organic Zoo has now grown to be a firm favourite for many households and offers you and your little one a range of 100% organic cotton clothes that are produced entirely in Europe with a resolute commitment to quality, fairtrade and the environme

Raduga Grez

About: Toys as Art!  Raduga Grez produces beautifully designed  wooden toys inspired by nature and play.  Each wooden piece has a story and encouraged the imagination in a child.  

Behind the brand: Inna and her husband run this lovely little company from their home near the Caucaus mountains.  Being so close to nature means there is plenty of inspiration for their designs.  


About: Engel is one of the original and leading champions in sustainable clothing.  Their designs and materials are inspired by nature and childhood and are made to last for generations.  From organic cotton to the finest organic merino virgin wool, the clothing is comfortable, durable and stands the test of time.

Behind the brand: A German based family run company and an original champion for sustainable clothing, Engel have been using organic, natural materials since 1982.  





About: BIBs are a classic Danish dummy made from natural materials that have been soothing little ones for 40 years.
Behind the brand: BIBs is a  traditional Danish brand that make natural yet stylish dummies.  BIBs have been developed for over 50 years to support the child’s sucking reflex, and its shape mimics that of a breast.  The dummies are made from 100% natural rubber and come in a variety on on trend colours.

Blossom & Bear


About: Blossom and Bear aim to provide fun, stylish and lovingly made teethers and toys for babies and teething jewelry for mothers.

Behind the brand: Blossom and Bear’s founder Sarah started the brand with the aim to provide fun, stylish and lovingly made gifts for mothers and babies.  Named after her little girl Mae - her blossom, and little boy Reed - her bear, most of the products have been conceived from her day to day at home with her little ones.


About: BlaFre design and develop a wide range of products that are inspired, tested and enthusiastically used by playful children all over the world. 

Behind the brand: Blafre are a small family company based in Norway.
Bla Fre do not only design and develop products in Norway, several products are also made locally and they believe this to be part of their story. Keeping production near by gives a unique opportunity to monitor and be active in the whole process. From the sketched to the testing, they have design, playfulness and quality in mind.


About: Truthbush are a new design in children's toothbrush. The Truthbrush came from a wish for a toothbrush that was beautiful and luxurious as well as biodegradable.
Every year over a billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away worldwide, ending up in landfill, in the sea or washed up on a beach. Using a bamboo toothbrush with a biodegradable handle is a small change but together we can make a big difference.

Behind the brand:  Truthbrush was found by two friends Catherine and Catherine, who believe that beautiful things can also be eco friendly.
Combining their expertise as a hospital doctor and a fashion buyer, they have created and designed Truthbrush, a stylish and ergonomic toothbrush crafted from sustainable, organic bamboo.


Neu Oil

About: Neu Oil are a British aromatherapy company inspired by botanics and family life. They offer a range of unique essential oil products to give you the power to shape your every day.
Massaging with aromatic oils helps strengthen bonds and create moments of peace and wellbeing. Used alongside massage, Neu Oil essential oil blends provide a gentle and 100% natural tool kit to support you and your little one's daily needs. 

Behind the brand: Neu Oil was started by two friends and mothers, Mary and Helen. Both obsessed with natural skincare and in particular the benefits and beauty of essential oils, they knew that essential oils were known to be a safe and effective toolkit for children and families.
Aligning their passion for essential oils and desire to use plant-based products on their children, Neu Oil was born. They believe that aromatherapy and massage is an effective and natural solution to many everyday needs and that it should be a fundamental feature of modern family life.





About: Kokoso uses only the finest organic coconuts from some of the oldest coconut trees in Thailand to make their fantastic range of coconut skincare products.

Behind the brand: When Lauren’s eldest daughter (now five and half) was a baby, she discovered the amazing benefits of organic coconut oil for her dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin. They used it for everything, from baby massage to bottom balm, and she started buying jars of coconut oil for friends with new babies. Then she had a light bulb moment – why not source the best organic coconut oil she could find for the specific purpose of caring for babies’ delicate skin? And so the idea for Kokoso Baby was born… 



About: MORI uses only the softest and highest-quality products, which are made with a family's wellbeing in mind.  Crafted carefully from sustainable sources to ensure that manufacturing methods are environmentally conscious, and that only natural materials touch your baby’s delicate skin.
Behind the scenes: As a devoted Uncle, Akin found it difficult to find beautiful essentials for his nieces and nephews.  Therefore Akin went on a mission to source natural, soft and environmentally friendly fabrics that were then crafted into a beautiful baby essentials range with the aim to make little ones as comfortable as possible and help aid sleep.



About: Fornessi designs a beautiful array of baby carriers made from environmentally friendly materials.   The wraps are perfect for holding baby close and secure whilst being able to carry on with your daily activities.
Behind the brand: When Angelika’s second baby was born, she found it difficult to chase her toddler around with a newborn in her arms.  This is when she discovered baby wearing, which was the perfect solution for holding your baby close and safe whilst carrying on with day to day activities, nursery drop offs etc.  She couldn’t find any baby wraps that met her environmental standards, and so went about designing her own wraps - and this is where Fornessi was born.