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Our Partner Brands

We have partnered up with amazing award winning brands that share our ethos in quality and sustainability by producing products that are kind to out little ones and kind to our environment. We have hand picked and tested each of these brands and believe they are just the bees knees!

Organic Zoo

Who are Organic Zoo:  Organic zoo started from a project that aimed to create a product made in an ethical way and promotes positive cultural change.  Organic Zoo has now grown to be a firm favourite for many households and offers you and your little one a range of 100% organic cotton clothes that are produced entirely in Europe with a resolute commitment to quality, fairtrade and the environment.

Where are they made: Organic Zoo is based in Brighton, UK and this is where all the beautiful items are designed.  These designs are then transformed into small clothes for big personalities in factories around Europe.   Their factories share the same core values and understand that ‘giving back’ to the employees and local communities is the core of building a meaningful and ethical culture.

Why we love them:  We absolutely love the playful yet minimal design of organic zoo clothing.  The items are non-seasonal and unisex which is ideal for handing down.  Not only that, but Organic Zoo are uncompromising when providing sustainable items for little ones - All the items are made from super-soft organic cotton and with dyes that are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. 





Who are BIBs:  BIBs is a  traditional Danish brand that make natural yet stylish dummies.  BIBs have been developed for over 50 years to support the child’s sucking reflex, and its shape mimics that of a breast.  The dummies are made from 100% natural rubber and come in a variety on on trend colours.

Where are they made: BIBs dummies are designed and made in Denmark

Why we love them:  We love the way BIBs combine sustainability with style. There dummies come in an array of on trend colours and are made from 100% natural rubber.  A win win if you ask us! 





Grasp and Gather

Who are Grasp and Gather:  Emma and Mark (a wife and husband team) founded grasp and gather after their son Leo was born.  They really take pride in spending time and attention on finding objects that allow babies to explore and discover the magic of natural items that can teach them so much about the world around us.

Where are they made: Grasp and Gather natural baskets are sourced and put together in the UK.

Why we love them:  We love Emma and Mark's passion for finding interesting natural sensory objects to help babies explore the world around them.  Our daughter loves the natural baskets too and we have fun adding to them when we go out exploring.

Blossom & Bear

Who are Blossom and Bear:  Blossom and Bear’s founder Sarah started the brand with the aim to provide fun, stylish and lovingly made gifts for mama’s, bubba’s and the home.  Named after her little girl Mae - her blossom, and little boy Reed - her bear, most of the products have been conceived from her day to day at home with her little ones.

Where are they made:  Now Sarah is a mum of three and has a beautiful range of teething accessories and toys that are hand pieced together in her studio in Bristol.  

Why we love them:  The teething accessories and toys are stylish and practical, which makes them the perfect accessory for being out and about with your little one.  Not only that but they are made from organic wood and BPA free silicone so completely baby safe - what’s not to love?



Who are Kokoso:  When Lauren’s eldest daughter (now five and half) was a baby, she discovered the amazing benefits of organic coconut oil for her dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin. They used it for everything, from baby massage to bottom balm, and she started buying jars of coconut oil for friends with new babies. Then she had a light bulb moment – why not source the best organic coconut oil she could find for the specific purpose of caring for babies’ delicate skin? And so the idea for Kokoso Baby was born… 

Where are they made: Kokoso uses only the finest organic coconuts from some of the oldest coconut trees in Thailand. They grow on an ethical, family-run, certified-organic farm and are extra special because they're unique to this region of Thailand. Each coconut that makes it into the pots is lovingly raised for around 12 months and then hand-checked, before going through a very gentle yet state-of-the-art process to make our raw, cold-pressed, virgin, ultra lightweight organic coconut oil.   They don’t use any chemicals or unnecessary heat to make the oil and because Kokoso Baby coconuts are always pressed within three hours of being opened, they are only ever cleaned using purified water. 

Why we love them:  The oil is so velvety and light and is made from organic coconut oil with no nasty’s included.  Not only that but it smells amazing too .  It’s safe to say that we are coco’nuts’ about our Kokoso products!



Who are MORI:  As a devoted Uncle, Akin found it difficult to find beautiful essentials for his nieces and nephews.  He went on a mission to source natural, soft and environmentally friendly fabrics that were then crafted into a beautiful baby essentials range with the aim to make little ones as comfortable as possible and help aid sleep.

Where are they made: MORIs products are crafted using sustainably sourced methods; from the materials they use to the factories they manufacture in. By producing clothing in trusted factories in Turkey, they ensure that fair and safe working conditions are always in place.

Why we love them: We love the signature super soft bamboo and organic cotton fabric used for MORI’s essentials.  It’s perfect for your little ones delicate skin and keeps them comfortably cool in the summer and warm in the winter - It’s like magic!


Who are Fornessi:  When Angelika’s second baby was born, she found it difficult to chase her toddler around with a newborn in her arms.  This is when she discovered baby wearing, which was the perfect solution for holding your baby close and safe whilst carrying on with day to day activities, nursery drop offs etc.  She couldn’t find any baby wraps that met her environmental standards, and so went about designing her own wraps - and this is where Fornessi was born.

Why we love them: 

We absolutely love the beautiful colours and materials used for the Fornessi wraps.  They are lovingly made from biodegradable beech tree yarn which is super strong but also soft as silk.  The ink used is non-toxic and does not contain solvents  Not only that, but the wraps wash really well without losing their colour which means you can pass it on to friends, family or get involved in Nadi’s refitting scheme as it will continue looking as good as new!