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About Nadi

Hello!  It's nice to meet you ...  We are Nadi and we're a little business on a BIG mission. We believe that we can use business as a force for good; for babies, families and communities; and to make the planet a better place for the next generation.

We feel inspired to make it easy for you to buy natural and honest  products for your little ones and to build a movement toward stuff that is kind to our babies, kind to our planet and kind to our communities - we'd love you to join us on our journey!

Kind to our babies 

We believe our babies deserve the best which is why we will only ever source the highest quality, natural products.  From organic cotton sleep suits to organic coconut oil for precious skin, each product has been handpicked and tested to ensure the very best for your little ones.


Kind to our planet

We want our planet to be a better place for the next generation. A big vision needs big principles and this is why we only work with like-minded businesses, whose manufacturing and supply processes are checked to make sure we're treading as softly as we can on our precious little planet! This approach helps us to keep the well-being of our environment at the heart of our decisions from our packaging and delivery to our re-gifting scheme.


Kind to our communities

We know that becoming a parent is one of the most special, yet daunting, experiences anyone can have, so we want to ensure that parents and children have a helping hand  when they need it.  We are proud to partner with amazing charities that help provide support to expectant parents, new parents and children so that they can lead happy lives.


Our Story

The Nadi adventure began when my newborn daughter started to develop sensitive skin and light rashes. Our GP advised that this was totally normal for babies because of the environment and materials they come in to contact with, which all sounded a little odd to me.

This sparked a curiosity as to whether something as simple as changing her clothing material and bath products could make a difference. I embarked on a mission to source more natural but still beautiful products for her, which actually proved a lot harder than I'd anticipated.

It took me a lot of time and effort, but I found some amazing products that looked beautiful and also calmed my daughters skin irritations. All of this effort got me to thinking, why not create a place that makes it easy for parents to find, learn about and buy honest and kind products for their little ones?

And why stop there, why not use our business as a movement
for good that's kind to our babies; kind to our planet and
kind to our communities?

Welcome to Nadi…...  Nice to meet you!…