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Creative Fun for Kids

by Lyndsie Whiteon July 30, 2018

 Laura from a lovely little art room

Today we are catching up with the lovely Laura from a lovely little art room.  Laura is an art teacher turned mama of two and has traded in her teaching career in London for a life on the coast and being her own boss!  Laura has recently launched her own business in sending art projects through the letterbox to help busy parents manage art making in their home in a manageable way. 

Hey Laura, congratulations on the launch of your new business, we would love to hear a little bit about it? 

I set up my blog while I was on Mat leave with my second baby girl. I spent lots of time crafting with my eldest girl to keep her busy while my littlest one slept, and although we tried to get out and about I struggled in those early days to take two of them out every day, so we were at home a lot.  Initially I started writing a blog with simple and cost effective ideas for parents to do at home. It is important to me that art is affordable and accessible for all and so the idea of using recycled materials and household objects to make art on a budget was my starting point.

My kids art boxes are a treasure chest of sensory materials and fun arty things to keep little ones busy. Everything is included in the packs so no need to be hunting around the house for an old glue stick and they come with supporting video instructions that are obtained via a website link. They are ideal for keeping kids aged 3-8 happy and entertained in the holidays and weekends. My favourite part of the boxes is that the instructions are paperless and I teach the children how to create their artwork on a video clip. I love teaching and so for me being able to talk remotely to the kids is amazing! 

Sounds amazing, what’s the inspiration behind the idea?

Creative Art Projects for children

Lots of my friends with kids were telling me how they thought I was bonkers and that they got a sense of dread at the idea of getting the paints out at home for fear of house destruction.  I totally get this.  Kids are so messy as it is, we don't need extra mess in our lives!! Mess is one of the things I battle with daily as my two little monkeys are experts in scattering toys and it feels like I am constantly tidying up at home. I felt as an Art teacher that I could design something for super busy parents to make art and crafting simple and (practically) mess free. We don't need extra stress in our lives after all parenting is hard enough!

So true!!  Why do you think being creative is so important for children’s development?

I believe children can be empowered through making art and we can give our children huge amounts of confidence from a very young age to create artwork they are happy with, that makes them feel brilliant and proud of who they are. Creative projects promote a sense of strength and self belief. Using art in a positive way in their lives create happy, spirited young people, with a solid sense that they can achieve what they want in life.

Starting them on this journey when they are little helps with many skills.  I love process art where the outcome is not important, so much as the making of it. Practicing their fine motor skills and building dexterity with natural projects like water painting or painting with yoghurt is great for when they are babies and can't use art materials in case they eat them!

And how have you find juggling being a full time mum and building your business?

 Posting the creative projects through the letter box

In many ways its been quite a natural organic thing that has happened almost by accident. I never set out to start a business, I just started blogging and I have made tiny little steps every day to get to here. For me Art is my lifelong love and passion. So it was an obvious choice for me to combine Art and Kids and come up with something. Although its hard to get everything done that I want, and I constantly feel like I wish I had more time for the business, I also feel very lucky to be able to spend so much quality time with my gorgeous girls and not have to be apart from them all day if I was to be working a 9-5 job. 

Yeah that flexibility is very important!  So work aside, how has your journey of motherhood been so far?

Its really blown my mind! 

Its just the most wonderful and tiring and crazy and difficult thing I have ever experienced! 

That’s a great way to sum it up - a whirlwind of emotions :)

I know a lot of parents will be going stir crazy on the school holidays - can you give any tips for creative projects to keep the little ones entertained?

Yes I have so many.

I cannot recommend model magic highly enough. Its a soft light air drying clay that kids love because its all soft in their hands and is a great sensory experience to make models from.

The other one is for little babies to use coloured/flavoured yoghurts in the bath with a paintbrush to let them get super messy and then just wash them down after.

And a favourite for older kids at the moment is using unconventional canvases. So for example painting using food colouring onto a fajita, or onto a piece of toast. They literally love the novelty of it, and they cant eat it afterwards!

Great tips and thanks so much!  

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